Young, Whole, and Hungry

My Food Philosophy

My philosophy on food is always changing. As I learn new things and really delve into the world of whole, healthy eating, I am starting to map out what foods I want to put in my body and what foods I want to avoid! Since completing my first Whole30, I have been super grateful for the knowledge that I have gained about myself as a food consumer.

For now, I know that I don’t need grains, other than in special occasions. Not only do grains make me bloat, but there are so many grain free options out there, so it makes my choice to be grain free-ish really simple.

I also avoid soy, for its negative impacts it has on my stomach and my skin.

For now, I will categorize my diet as mostly paleo, because I fully intend to have food freedom. I want to feed my body what it wants to eat, and I find that a paleo diet allows and fully supports that.

At the end of the day, I want to remain healthy, while feeling satisfied, happy, and guilt free!

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